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How to Get Started in Property Preservation 

Looking to grow your handyman, maintenance or inspection business? Working in property preservation can provide a solid revenue stream, hedge against economic downturns and keep your community looking its best. 

Whether you are new to the industry or looking for opportunities to grow your business, this free guide is designed to help you get started in the property preservation industry—providing key industry insights and terminology as well as helpful tips and resources.

  • Learn about the property preservation industry and how you can get involved
  • Tips for getting started working with property preservation companies like MCS
  • Insights for setting up and growing your business to support property preservation
  • How to focus on key skills and trades that will put your services in demand
  • Plus, all the basics to position you for success! 




Signups are easy. Our mobile tech is simple and flexible. The scorecard is straightforward. We match you with the right job in the right area.



Expedient payment cycles and rapid-pay options. Swift quality control feedback. Our onboarding process is fun and efficient, and gets you up to speed and at work quickly.



We communicate with you on your terms – text, email or call. Dedicated teams are available to help.

 If you’re looking to build your portfolio in property preservation, consider working with the MCS team and enjoy the benefits that our property preservation network can provide. MCS is always looking for qualified service partners to add to our network. If you are interested in working with MCS, get started by contacting us at 866.563.1100 or to learn more or begin the application process by completing the online application.